Scratch A Rock

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I am convinced it is a primal instinct to drink till you don’t have a single penny left.


And then some.


“But the avoidance of self-contradiction makes great demands upon us; Hegel and Bradley imagined that we could know the nature of the universe by means of this principle alone. In this they were pretty certainly mistaken, but nevertheless a great deal of our ‘knowledge’ depends upon this principle to a greater or lesser extent.”

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An Outline of Philosophy, Bertrand Russell


The subtlety with which connoisseurs can distinguish among wines and cigars is the despair of youths who wish to become men of the world.

Title? Hah. Title.

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it is not in fire
it is not in water
it is not in faceless rocks
it is not in the folded palms
and shaven heads
of holy pilgrims
not in the drop of honey
that dangles over a saint’s
painted forehead
not in the rotting flesh
of yesterday’s dead
it is not in the clouds
it is not in the winds
not in the pustules of want
that erupt on your darkening skin
where is it Yajnavalkya?
is it in the speeding car
that skids to a halt inches away
with a primal screech from beyond time?
in the blank stares that are exchanged
in that moment of utter stillness
the eyes at odds with each other?
walk carefully, brother
there is danger afoot

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I don’t know anything like time-beats and metre

nor the arithmetic of strings and drums;

I don’t know the count of iamb and dactyl.

My lord of the meeting rivers,

as nothing will hurt you

I’ll sing as I love.

– Basavanna vacana 494 from Speaking of Siva translated and compiled by A. K. Ramanujan

Reasons To Like The Summer

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Girls in skirts. And summer dresses. Oh summer dresses.

More daylight




Masala Coke


Coke Studio