Scratch A Rock

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I never tire of this song.

The video is from a 1961 performance at Baden-Baden, Germany

John Coltrane – soprano sax, tenor sax
Eric Dolphy – flute and alto sax
McCoy Tyner – piano
Elvin Jones – drums
Reggie Workman – bass

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A bald, older version of me sitting with Hemingway at a cafe somewhere in the hills, even if only in someone’s dream, makes my day. Especially if I was sexier than Hemingway.

If Only Writers Got Red Carpet Launches…

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…and got to sign autographs on women’s breasts.

Is it just me or does the name ‘Nikki Heat’ have stripper/porn-star written all over it?

Perhaps a reference to the Bond girls? When I was younger, the suggestiveness in their names drove me mad.

I saw a bit of Castle the other day. These things struck me.