Scratch A Rock

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On a very hot day of the summer

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Maintaining a blog with a fledgling, faceless, nameless, drifting readership poses a strange problem. Apart from the slightly disheartening feeling one allays by telling one’s self that it’s a matter of time, there is also the fact that you can’t really address anyone; what do you say when no one’s listening? You can’t say something very personal because you never know who might be eavesdropping. But anything else, anything of substance, feels stupid – like standing on a soapbox and making proclamations in a ghost town.

So what am I going to do then? Write a blog post about how difficult it is writing a blog post, of course.

This is not a first post.

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once again

there is

me: hello

floating up

to rest in

its lonely corner

like a painting

hanging behind

a thousand others.

if a tree falls

in an empty forest

is it really a blog post?

This is a first post

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There are no aliens here.

Everything purple is out of bounds; unless drug induced.